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Marisa Monte sings with Roberto de Carvalho at Primavera Sound 2023 — Photo: Fábio Tito/g1

The first day of Primavera Sound 2023 was marked by a theatrical and pompous show by The Killers, who invited a fan to play drums on stage, and by a historic – and surprise – participation of the musician Roberto de Carvalho in the show of Marisa Monte. To honor his wife, Rita Lee (1947-2023), he took the stage for the first time in 10 years, according to the event’s production team.

In its second Brazilian edition, the first at the Interlagos Autodromo, Primavera Sound showed that it was without a doubt the most alternative event that has ever held this venue. In the space where Lollapalooza and The Town also take place, the lineup has from the start brought performances that are much more indie than those that take place at other festivals.

London band Black Midi took the stage to the sound of Bonde do Tigrão, shortly after 2:30 p.m., when the thermometer reached 35°C. After the funk-sounding introduction, the band presented their experimental rock, with shouted vocals and well-received by an audience of around 800 people. Even more experimental, Texan Dorian Electra sang on one of the smaller stages, wearing a “paquita” outfit and dancers who, at one point, danced around the stage with paper bags on their heads .

This was the trail at the beginning, with most people still arriving. After the performance of Metric, a Canadian pop rock group led by singer Emily Haines, the sound became more conventional.

With an audience of around 50,000 people – half the capacity of the Autodromo’s larger events – Primavera Sound has a lighter structure and fewer queues and hassles for those who attend. Water and sunscreen were distributed throughout the festival area.

The Killers start their show at Primeira Sound with ‘Mr. Bright side’

Without changing their theatrical and pompous style too much, The Killers closed the Saturday at Primavera Sound São Paulo, during their sixth visit to Brazil. Back at the Interlagos Autodromo, where they played in front of 100,000 fans during Lollapalooza 2018, the American group performed in front of half of that audience: 50,000 people, according to the production team of the event. The setlist changed from show to show: this time, they opened with “Mr. Brightside”, which was performed at the end of previous tours. Like in Lolla, the band rehearsed the part of the show where they call a fan to play drums in “For Reasons Unknown”. Learn more about The Killers’ show at Primavera Sound 2023.

MC Bin Laden performs at Primavera Sound 2023 — Photo: Fábio Tito/g1

To the sound of fast beats and motorcycle noises, MC Bin Laden brought São Paulo funk to the São Paulo stage at Primavera Sound. Competing for the attention of the festival audience with the duo Pet Shop Boys, who were still finishing their performance in the first minutes of the funk singer’s show, Bin Laden found a modest but relatively full audience. Two jittery moments for the audience came during performances of “Controllah,” her partnership with British band Gorillaz, and “Shake it Bololo,” her hit that covers Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” Learn more about MC Bin Laden’s show at Primavera Sound 2023.

The Pet Shop Boys thrill the Primavera Sound audience with “Domino Dancing”

The duo Pet Shop Boys takes part in the “Dreamworld” tour, which covers hits from the group’s 40-year career. But this retrospective is less extravagant than the duo’s other performances, which does not mean that it is less beautiful or exciting. Singer Neil Tennant and keyboardist Chris Lowe cannot do without, for example, the exuberant costumes (which change during the show) nor the lighting structure and the big screen which have invaded the stage. Learn more about the Pet Shop Boys show at Primavera Sound 2023.

Marisa Monte pays tribute to Rita Lee and invites Roberto de Carvalho to the Primavera Sound stage

Marisa Monte cleansed the souls of the passionate and broken hearts beating at the festival. In a moving tribute to Rita Lee, who died earlier this year, the singer took advantage of the end of her show to salute the rocker – defined by her as “this unforgettable woman who gave a voice to so many of us » – and invited Roberto de Carvalho, musician and husband of Rita, on stage. It was the first time in ten years that Roberto appeared on stage, according to the festival’s production team. Learn more about Marisa Monte’s show at Primavera Sound 2023.

Singer Cansei of Ser Sexy speaks to the audience at Primavera Sound

Most fans don’t handle hangovers very well anymore, but Ser Sexy’s Cansei performance at the festival had a certain wild teenage vibe. Icon of an alternative generation of the early 2000s, the group indulged in nostalgia on stage from the first sounds, that of the dial-up Internet connection, familiar to all those who experienced the heyday of CSS . The repertoire included early childhood anthems such as “Alala” and “Bezzi”. But the public was surprised by the absence of “Meeting Paris Hilton” and the hit “Superafim”. Learn more about Ser Sexy’s Cansei show at Primavera Sound 2023.

The singer of The Hives makes the audience jump and vibrate with a show at Primavera Sound

The repertoire of the Swedish group The Hives had eleven songs and included well-known songs, to the delight of their fans. “Good Samaritan” and “Go Right Ahead” were both celebrated. And it didn’t take long for them to remember “Hate to Say I Told You So.” The fun “Tick Tick Boom” captivated the audience, who screamed like a sixth member of the group. Learn more about The Hives’ show at Primavera Sound 2023.

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