Quiet victories and turnaround mark second round of Group A of women’s volleyball pre-Olympics

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This Sunday (17), the matches of the second round of A groupof Women’s Pre-Olympic Volleyballplay in Ningbo, China. The clashes marked the victories Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Serbia and China, against teams from the Czech Republic, Canada, Ukraine and Mexico respectively.

Netherlands x Czech Republic

In the confrontation between European teams, the one with greater use in blocks and attacks. With the dashboard spinning 3-0 (25-13; 25-18; 25-21) at the end of the match, the The Netherlands won in a short period of time, have control and be the protagonist team in all three sets. As a result of Dutch superiority, the selection council, Nika Daalderopwas the top scorer of the matchaccounting 18 points throughout the match.

Dominican Republic x Canada

In the second match of the round, there was a turn around which moved the fans. At first set, At Dominican women were superior and as a result won 25-17. However, Latin American athletes did not count on the persistence of Canadians, What they turned the situation around by winning the next two sets. Finally, what seemed to get out of control Caribbean, I got back on track with the last set wins. In this way the match ended with a victory full of ups and downs selection Dominican Republic, 3-2 (25-17; 22-25; 23-25; 25-18; 15-12). The highlights of the match were for the Canadian Alexa Gray and for the Dominican Gaila Gonzalez, Which side scored 25 points each, which is equivalent to one complete set.

Serbia x Ukraine

Listed as one of the favoritesthe selection Serbia won another, this time the victim was Ukraine. Despite numerous mistakes made during the match and having given up many points to the Ukrainians, the Serbian team had the upper hand. departure under control at all times. In this way, a victory with as few sets as possible was inevitable, with a 3-0 (25-18; 25-18; 25-16) imposing. As you can imagine, the top scorer was on the Serbian side, with the famous Boškovic Tijana marking 22 points throughout the conflict.

China x Mexico

The confrontation which was perhaps the most unequal roundwas marked by extreme superiority of housewives over Mexican women. The obvious result was precisely an easy victory, which lasted a little over an hour, with only 64 minutes of play. Common 3-0 (25-14; 25-18; 25-7) in favor of China, the team now leads the group and asserts control of the matches. Despite an unequal dispute, the Chinese did not stand out as an individual scorer, with Yuan Xinyue and Yingying Li score 13 points each.


It should be emphasized that the the first two of the group guarantee a place for Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. To follow the matches, simply go to the channel Volleyball worldAt Youtube.

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