Russia closes Moscow office of Canadian broadcaster CBC – archyde

Russia announced Wednesday the closure of the Moscow office of Canadian radio and television CBC, as well as the cancellation of accreditations and visas for its journalists in response to similar measures taken by Canadian authorities against Russian media.

“We have repeatedly warned. We have said that unilateral restrictive measures that threaten the freedom of the prisoner and hinder the normal functioning of the Russian media will not go unanswered,” the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said. foreign Maria Zakharova at a press conference, announcing the measure.

The spokeswoman added that everyone should understand that Russia will respond to every similar case.

“For this reason, the decision has been taken to take action in response to Canada’s actions and to close the correspondent office of the Canadian broadcaster CBC, including by canceling the Russian accreditations and visas of its journalists.”

On March 16, Canadian authorities banned television service providers from distributing the signals of Russian state channels RT and RT France in the country.

By then, major Canadian cable companies had already removed RT from their offerings, a move they made shortly after Russia launched its “special military operation” according to Moscow, Ukraine on February 24.

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