Santiago 2023: Brazil advances to cycling and badminton finals on final day of competition

Brazil opens Sunday 26 the last day of competitions of the Parapan American Games in Santiago, with great possibilities to expand its country brand his best ever campaign in the competition and overall leadership in the medal table. The current edition has already surpassed the number of medals from Lima in 2019, with 332 podiums compared to the 308 medals obtained four years ago. Cycling and badminton conclude Brazilian participation with the promise of new achievements on Chilean soil.

Brazilian cycling is recognized for its good performances in the first days of competition, when it achieved seven podiums in total, three gold, two silver and two bronze. This leaves the sport with just one medal left to match the Lima 2019 campaign, where there were three gold medals, one silver and four bronze. This Sunday 26, from 8:00 a.m., in Santiago, the 14 Brazilian athletes in this sport will participate in the finals in all classes.

Highlights included Bianca Canovas Garcia, from São Paulo, who won gold in the individual time trial, class B2, alongside rider Nicolle Borge, from Paraná.

In badminton, Vitor Tavares, 24, from Paraná, is the biggest Brazilian name in the competition. The country’s only representative in this sport at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020 – he finished his participation in fourth place – the athlete will face North American Miles Krajewski in the fight for gold in men’s singles in the SH6 class , from 11 a.m.

The Brazilian arrives accredited as the current champion of his class after winning gold at Parapan de Lima 2019, in addition to other important career achievements, such as bronze in singles and silver in doubles at the World Cup badminton, in Tokyo, in 2022.

In addition to Vitor Tavares, Brazil will also be represented in five other finals, with two gold medals guaranteed, as there will be two decisions with only Brazilian finalists.

In the mixed doubles, classes SL3 and SU5, Adriane Ávila from São Paulo and Yuki Roberto from Mato Grosso do Sul will face Edwarda Dias from Paraná and Rogério Oliveira from São Paulo, starting at 9 a.m. The country’s other guaranteed gold medal will come from the match between Rodolfo Cano of São Paulo and Marcelo Conceição of Brasilia, who will face each other in the men’s singles tournament, class WH1, at 11:00.

Next, Júlio César Godoy, from São Paulo, fights for gold against the Chilean Jaime Urrutia, in the singles tournament, in the WH2 class. Also fighting for the highest place on the podium, Danielle Araújo from Brasilia faces the Peruvian Jaquelin Javier, in the women’s singles tournament, class WH1, at 9 a.m. Then, it is the turn of Sergipe, Maria Gilda Antunes, to face the Peruvian Pilar Cancino, in the WH2 class.

Two other Brazilians also have a chance to win a medal in badminton. Jonathan Cardoso from Santa Catarina, in the SL3 class, and José Ambrosio from Ceará, in the WH2 class, will also compete for the bronze medal this Sunday morning at the Chilean camp.

Check the participation times for each sport/athlete in Santiago this Sunday 26 (Brasilia time):

08:00 Men’s cycling
street racing

08:00 Women’s cycling
street racing

09:00 Badminton
Adriane Ávila / Yuki Roberto x Edwarda Dias / Rogério Oliveira – Mixed doubles SL3 / SU5 (Final)

9:00 a.m. Badminton men
Jonathan Cardoso x Peruvian opponent – ​​SL3 Singles (Dispute for Bronze)

09:00 Women’s badminton
Danielle Araújo x Peruvian opponent – ​​Singles WH1 (Final)

09:00 (next) Women’s badminton
Maria Gilda Antunes x Peruvian opponent – ​​Singles WH2 (Final)

11:00 a.m. Badminton men
Vitor Tavares x North American opponent – ​​Singles SH6 – (Final)

11:00 a.m. Badminton men
Rodolfo Cano x Marcelo Conceição – Singles WH1 – (Final)

11:00 a.m. Men’s badminton (continued)
Júlio César Godoy x Chilean opponent – ​​Singles WH2 – (Final)

11:00 a.m. Badminton men
José Ambrosio Chaves x Canadian opponent – ​​Singles WH2 – (Dispute for Bronze)

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Brazilian Paralympic Committee Communications Office ([email protected])

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