Smoke from Canadian wildfires covers US cities and reaches Europe

Hundreds of wildfires across Canada continue to cause declining air quality for millions of American residents. Heavy smoke again covered large areas of the United States.

On the morning of this Wednesday (28), a haze of smoke covered Chicago and much of the northern Midwest region. The day before, many citizens of the American Midwest began wearing masks outside.

The National Weather Service has issued air quality warnings for at least 20 states, from Minnesota to Georgia. Several major cities, including Detroit and Indianapolis, reported some of the worst air quality ratings. The mayor recommended that residents of the city wear masks.

In-depth optical analyzes of smoke from June 1 to 26, 2023 (Photo: Reproduction/Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS*)

The smoke from the Canadian forest fires, which has been going on for months, has even reached countries in Europe. In Spain, the sky over the city of Vigo has turned orange. Satellites recorded the smoke crossing the Atlantic.

The smoke is currently moving east, the smoke was brought by a storm system that is now moving, and officials in several US cities, including New York, have warned residents to expect conditions worsen as the day progresses. .

Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis and Washington were among the cities with the worst air quality. New York’s air quality alert will remain in effect until Thursday, officials said Wednesday afternoon.

On the 7th a haze of smoke blanketed several US and Canadian cities, experts say wildfire smoke contains a complex mix of gases, hazardous air pollutants, water vapor and polluting particles. It may also contain toxic and carcinogenic substances, including chemicals, heavy metals and plastics.

Feature photo: Smoke lands in Detroit, USA. Photo: Reading/G1

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