The 2021 Hungarian GP saw an unprecedented victory, a crash at the first corner and more madness; reminder – 07/28/2022

This weekend, Formula 1 returns for the Hungarian GP, ​​which promises a lot with the fights between Red Bull and Ferrari, and who knows, another team could surprise. Scenario that happened in last year’s race with Esteban Ocon’s first career victory for Alpine, so let’s remember the craziest race of the last F1 season.

+ Sebastian Vettel announces he will retire from F1 at the end of the season

The sixth and Saturday of the Hungarian GP had been very quiet with Mercedes and Red Bull in charge of free practice and qualifying, the grid was left with Hamilton first, Bottas second and Verstappen third.

With the first two days of the Hungarian GP being very calm, what was expected was another fight between Hamilton and Verstappen, but Bottas and the rain in Budapest had other plans, the Finn ended up missing the braking point and hit Norris from the rear and resulted in the retirement of five cars (Bottas, Norris, Leclerc, Stroll and Pérez). This incident resulted in a red flag and with it the track ended up drying out, but the cars were still on the intermediate tyres, resulting in one of the most iconic photos of the 2021 season.

Photo: Disclosure

Hamilton was the only one of the remaining 14 drivers to opt for the restart on medium tyres, with the rest of the grid stopping for medium tyres. On the next lap, Mercedes called on the Briton to change tires and with that he fell to 13th, while Ocon took the lead, Vettel in second and Latifi in third.

The first good fight of the Hungarian GP was scored by Verstappen and Schumacher on lap 19, at the end of the straight the Dutchman tried to pass on the outside, but the German did not let him and did starting the Red Bull driver on the outside, at the next corner, Max in the force of hate, he threw Mick aside and passed to Haas.

On the home stretch of the race, Ocon battled with Vettel for the leadership of the Hungarian GP, ​​but the four-time champion tried everything but couldn’t pass the Frenchman. The most chaotic fight of all was behind the two between Alonso and Hamilton.

The Alpine Spaniard finished fourth and the Briton fifth and that Alonso fight to keep Hamilton behind was responsible for handing the victory to his teammate, Ocon. Several times it looked like the Mercedes driver would pass easily, but the Alpine driver prevailed even with a slower car for five laps. Finally on lap 65, Hamilton overtook Alonso on the straight due to an error by the Spaniard.

Two laps later, Hamilton made a good overtaking at Sainz and took third position in the Hungarian GP.

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Ocon, who loved life in the lead, passed the final corners of the Hungarian GP with ease and saw the checkered flag for the first time, and for the first time he became the winner of the Formula 1 GP. Vettel finished second and Hamilton third. .

Ocon and Alonso celebrate the Frenchman’s first victory and Alpine Photo: Disclosure

This Hungarian GP also marked the double of Williams with Latifi (8th) and Russell (9th), it was the first race that the Canadian finished in the points.

In 2021, the Hungarian GP has guaranteed us a lot of fun and madness, so the dose will be repeated this weekend, we will see from this Friday at 9 a.m., when the first free practice begins. The race takes place on Sunday at 10 a.m.

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