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Actress Samantha Weinstein, of the film “Carrie the Stranger” (2013), died at the age of 28 after a two and a half year battle with ovarian cancer.

The Canadian star died on May 14 in a hospital in Toronto, Canada. The information comes from Global News It is Daily Mail this Wednesday (24).

Samantha Weinstein — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“Sam was truly the living embodiment of sunshine,” said his father, David Weinstein. “She was so full of positive energy that anyone who knew her would tell you she simply lit up every room she entered.”

According to her father, since her diagnosis, the young woman decided to enjoy life and traveled the world.

“What really struck me last week was that everyone I talked to said she changed their lives,” said Jojo Tindall-Weinstein, the actress’s mother.

Samantha Weinstein in “Copper” (2012) — Photo: reproduction

In addition to “Strange Carrie,” which is a remake of the 1976 original, Samantha appears in films such as “The Origin of Life” (2011) and “Haunted by the Past” (2013). . She was also in the cast of series such as “Copper” (2012), “Alias ​​​​Grace” (2017) and “The Weight of Truth” (2020).

Samantha had been acting since the age of six, and in the last weeks of her life, she did voice acting for animations such as “Mittens & Pants” and “Dino Ranch”, even in the midst of her illness.

Samantha Weinstein during her wedding to Michael — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Samantha leaves behind her husband, Michael, whom she married in October last year, and her sister, Sabrina.

On her Instagram profile, fans paid tribute to the young woman. “Sam was such a bright light. It was a privilege to know her,” one wrote. “We will miss you. The world needs more people like you,” said another. “This absolutely breaks my heart. Sending so much love to all of Sam’s family and friends,” the user commented.

Samantha Weinstein — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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