The Chamber votes the law which reformulates the sports legislation – 07/06/2022

The Chamber of Deputies voted this Wednesday (6) the bill which reformulates sports legislation, establishing rights for sportsmen in training and grouping several laws into a single legal diploma. As amended in the House, the General Sports Law returns to the Senate, where the bill originated.

The project’s rapporteur, Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), said that the proposal makes physical education professionals an essential category for health and recognizes professionals who work in the most diverse modalities, such as martial arts. and yoga. “These are professionals who work in the field of preventive health, as recognized by the World Health Organization.”

According to the text, there will also be changes in the distribution of the collection of prediction lotteries (Mega-Sena, Quina and the like). Of the total that falls to the body responsible for sports (currently the special secretariat for sports of the Ministry of Citizenship), the text removes 1.13 percentage points to direct resources to the state secretariats for sports, on a pro rata basis bets made on its territory. , for application in Olympic and Paralympic school games.

The rapporteur’s text reinstates in the legislation the collection of clubs of part of the salaries and income derived from the transfer of players to finance the Federation of Professional Athletes’ Associations (Faap).

Another change is that the authorization for companies and individuals to deduct from income tax the sums paid into sports and para-sports projects, which would end in 2022, will no longer have an end date. The rapporteur has also changed the donation limits. Legal persons can deduct up to 4% of the tax due on donations, against the current limit of 1%. For individuals, the ceiling increases from 6% to 7% of the tax due.

The project also dealt with the rights of athletes in training, special contracts for sports work with young people from the age of 16, maternity leave, fan crimes and public control, among others.

Among the highlights approved is the one that guarantees immediate effectiveness to the quota of 30% of women in management positions in sports entities benefiting from public resources and lotteries. An amendment has also been adopted which guarantees assistance to former professional athletes.

The deputies also excluded from the proposal coming from the Senate the granting of a tax exemption to companies domiciled in Brazil and linked to a sports organization which promotes a sporting event.

* With information from the Câmara de Notícias agency

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