The IDR-PR bulletin shows a “hot” August and irregularly distributed rains – Diário do Sudoeste

FIRST HARVEST CORN – In August, sowing of the first maize crop began and by the end of the month, 9% of the Paraná crop had been planted and showed good conditions for development (Seab).

FIRST HARVEST BEANS – Sowing of the first bean crop has already started and by the end of the month, 4% of the Paraná crop had been planted, according to Seab. Of this amount, 93% was in good condition and 7% in fair condition.

WHEAT AND OTHER WINTER CEREALS – The wheat harvest has started in Paraná, with 13% of the cereals harvested. Harvesting of other winter cereals has also started. In general, the climate favored these crops which showed good development. There are reports of reduced productivity due to fungal diseases such as blast, scab and rust. According to Seab, an estimated 76%, 19% and 5% of wheat crops had good, average and poor conditions respectively.

COFFEE – According to Seab, about 82% of the coffee in Paraná had been harvested in August. In the coffee region of the state, located further north, the harvest was favored by the drier climate. There was a delay and unevenness in ripening due to late flowering which occurred in November and December/2022. The coffee harvested had, for the most part, good drink quality and large beans. 89% had good development conditions and 11% average conditions.

PASTURES – The pastures showed a very variable green mass production depending on the local climate. In some areas, production has been satisfactory, while in others, low production has been observed, with the need for herd supplementation, such as in the northwest of the state.

POTATO – The second potato crop was almost completely harvested and most were in good condition (90%). The first potato sowings have started and by the end of August, 8% of the areas had been planted, which showed good vegetative development and good flowering.

CASSAVA – The weather conditions were favorable for the harvest and the implementation of the new cassava crop, which started in some municipalities of Paraná.

OLIVE CULTURES – The climate was favorable for vegetables in general, without the appearance of frosts and without the need for intensive irrigation. Vegetables in general showed good development.

FRUITS – The harvest of oranges, grapes, mandarins and other fruit trees was generally favored by the weather conditions in August.

WATER SOURCES – In general, rivers, dams and streams recorded levels within the normal range.

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