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VCT Americas 2023: PANcada praises the growth of Marved and Sentinels

The change was the boy over there (Marved), the “cold boy”. He added a lot of experience, which our team lacked, whether we like it or not. The calm he brought, the freshness, gave our game a giant boost

— pANcada, on improving Sentinels in super week

The Brazilian player also confessed that he believes in the potential of the Sentinels’ roster with Marved to compete with the main teams in the modality if the Canadian is retained.

— Right now, with this line-up, we can fight with the top tier of the franchise. We played a great game against LOUD, even though we didn’t win. We showed that with little training time, we trained for two days. From what we have done, it already shows that we will come back now and arrive confident for the next matches. We can still grow until the end of the championship – said the player.

pANcada, by Sentinels, in a match against LOUD at VCT Americas 2023 — Photo: Robert Paul/Riot Games

So while he was a key player in the big game the organization had against LOUD and added 38 eliminations in the win over MIBR, Marved’s future at Sentinels is uncertain. In the post-match interview, pANcada revealed that he didn’t know if he would stay in the starting lineup. The fact that the ex-OpTic Gaming member played the role of lurker was also mooted, a role which, in theory, belonged to the Brazilian.

— In the defaults, he’s a little further out, he has a better view of where he’s positioning himself (to play the lurker), so it turns out I’m playing more for the team — he said about the current strategy.

Marved prepares to defend the Sentinels banner at VCT Americas 2023 — Photo: Twitter/Sentinels

Another topic commented on by the former LOUD was the preparation for the showdown against MIBR, when the North American team won impressively by 13-5 in Pearl and 13-6 in Fracture. He attributed the momentous performance to the study on the Brazilian game.

— We watched their matches (MIBR) and knew how to play against them. We saw that we could win 2-0. We knew how they played, how they dominated things and we were ready to ‘counter’ anything – he said.

With two wins and three losses, the Sentinels will return to the VCT Americas servers at 4 p.m. Brasília time next Sunday (30) for the showdown against Cloud9. The organization has not yet commented on the definition of the situations of Marved and TenZ.

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