Without speaking English, a Chinese woman starts bringing food every day to her sick Canadian neighbor – 09/20/2016

An article written in one of Canada’s major newspapers went viral this week. At text (whose translated title is “My neighbor doesn’t speak English, but her kindness needs no translation”, and the Editor-in-chief of the Tabloide UOL highly recommend reading it if you speak English), Angie Morris, 81, shares how her neighbor started voluntarily cooking for her every day.

Angie lives in Vancouver and recently had heart surgery. Your neighbor is a 68-year-old Chinese woman who lives with her grandson and doesn’t speak a single word of English.

She learned of Angie’s condition from her daughter, Nicole, who lives in Shanghai, China. When she discovered that her neighbor needed help, the Chinese woman began cooking soup, rice, vegetables and meat and bringing lunch to the neighboring house every day.

Angie only managed to fully understand what was happening when the Chinese neighbor turned on an iPad and on the screen, halfway around the world, Nicole was able to explain what was happening.

Although they could not speak to each other verbally, the two neighbors began to create a beautiful bond of friendship. However, to this day, Angie has still not been able to explain that despite the operation, she is doing well.

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