“You’re boring as hell…”

Anita Don’t take shame home! After a fan identified on Twitter as “La Anitta 3” criticized the singer’s Instagram saying, “The ugliest Instagram of an artist I’ve ever seen in my life,” Anitta decided to respond in the same way.

On his profile on the bird’s social network, the artist reacted to the criticism and replied: “Damn…, you’re fucking boring… Jesus, I’m going to block you. Boring as hell. »

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And within a few hours, the account of the “La Anitta 3” profile was completely suspended. Fans of the Brazilian appreciated the singer’s speech and wrote messages of support in the comments.


Anitta found herself the target of speculation about her love life after claiming she was dating and was caught leaving Brazil at the airport alongside a mysterious stranger, and it appears that the mystery is finally solved.

On Sunday June 12, Valentine’s Day, the singer appeared with her lover in bed, publicly assuming the boy. The power girl’s crush is Canadian and his name is Murda Beatz and he is a music producer.

Read+: After a stroke and cured of cancer, Anitta’s father says he learned to walk again

In his Instagram Stories, the artist interacted with the boy in Portuguese, who used an app to translate what the artist said to him in the video. Very cute, isn’t it?

“Hello. Today is Valentine’s Day in Brazil. Where is my gift? I want a gift,” she said, while he replied “yes” and “thank you”, all the while continuing to demand special commendations.

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