A Canadian NGO seeks partnerships and donations to build a community center in Araripina | Petrolina and region

Brazilians living in Canada help poor residents of Araripe

In order to finance the Sertão Vivo project, the Canadian NGO Life for Lives is looking for public-private partnerships and donations. The idea is to build a community center in the rural area of ​​Araripina, a space for residents to gather for social and educational events and to practice recreational activities.

“Through the Center, we will address the educational issue, through school reinforcement. In addition to the cultural question, we will save the culture of the hinterland, as well as the questions of vocational training for women farmers, young people and employment. generation and income, and entrepreneurship,” said President Dianna Santos.

A Canadian NGO has been working for seven years in the field of social work in the rural area of ​​Araripina — Photo: Izayas Design/ Personal Archive

Donations can be made through pix. The key is the phone: (81) 997771973.

The Canadian NGO Life for Lives has been in existence for seven years and has already helped more than 250 families. The organization is made up of members of the Brazilian community in Toronto, Canada. In the Sertão Vivo project there are 30 permanent volunteers who provide services in the fields of education, psychology and dentistry.

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