Alanis Morissette Revealed Therapy Helped Her Cope With Exposure: ‘No Judgment’

In 2009, Alanis Morissette gave an interview to CARAS magazine and opened her heart about overexposure.

After going through significant moments in her personal and professional life, the singer Alanis Morissette (49) admitted that therapy was important for her to cope with media overexposure. In 2009, the Canadian was featured in the magazine FACES and commented a little on his inner thoughts.

At the time, Alanis had begun writing her autobiography, which she has not been able to publish to this day. “It’s not much different from writing a song. I’m transparent in the book, but I really weighed the consequences. And yet I decided to share with people the bad things that happen to me”he said.

“It’s about encouraging others not to be ashamed of just being human, of being vulnerable, of being afraid, of feeling angry or of being fragile. If there is a message that What I can convey is this: We should not be ashamed of being alive.”complete.

Aside from being known for her diverse songwriting, the alternative rock diva also gained attention due to the troubled end of her relationship with the actor. Ryan Reynoldswho exchanged her for the actress Scarlett Johansson.

When asked if she had ever been ashamed of a detail in her life, the artist was objective and said that she regrets certain past relationships. “Ah, sure (laughs). There are feelings that come and go, and shame is one of them. It usually comes back when I remember certain relationships I’ve had, how stupid I was . I’m also ashamed of having already worried about a lot of aesthetics, charge me for reasons of vanity”.

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One of the leading artists of the time, she also spoke about exposure and admitted to pursuing the subject in therapy. Well resolved with the problem, she said that revealing her personal learnings was part of her life goal.

“I have come to the conclusion [na terapia] that it’s good not to judge yourself. It’s a safe thing to do. I truly believe that I came into this world to share my experience with others, without judgment. And when I write about myself, about what I feel, whether in songs or in a book, a lot of things become clearer.”did he declare.

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