Anitta shows her mom interacting with her boyfriend and breaks the web!

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To show how the two interact now, she posted an image of her boyfriend and his mother having lunch together and using the translator. “They just forgot about me and went on with their lives,” the “Almighty” said. Fans loved the game!


Anitta has seen speculation about her love life after she claimed she was dating and was caught leaving Brazil at the airport next to a mysterious gringo, and it seems May the mystery finally be solved.

On Sunday, June 12, Valentine’s Day, the singer appeared with her lover in bed, publicly coming to terms with the boy. The powerful’s crush is Canadian and is called Murda Beatz, and he is a music producer.

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In his Instagram Stories, the artist interacted with the boy in Portuguese, who used an app to translate what the artist told him in the video. Very cute, isn’t it?

“Hello. Today is Valentine’s Day in Brazil. Where is my present? I want a present,” she said, as he replied “yes” and “thank you” as she continued to demand special congratulations.

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