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Binance CEO shared a TV report from China where he talked about cryptocurrency and NFTs (Image: Binance/Blog)

Changpeng ZhaoCEO of binancego to Twitter this Wednesday (24) to suggest that the next bullish cycle of the Bitcoin (BTC) is it close. The Chinese-Canadian shared a TV report from China where he talked about cryptocurrency and NFT.

In the opinion of Changpeng Zhao, or CZ as the CEO of Binance is nicknamed, the China Central Television (CCTV) broadcast caused great excitement in the chinese crypto community. According to him, “historically”, this movement precedes the cycles of increases, or “bull run”.

“CCTV (China Central Television) just broadcast crypto. It’s a big problem. Sinophone communities abound. Historically, cover like this has led to bullfights. I am not saying that the past predicts the future. And this is not financial advice,” he comments.

Regulations in Asia have been eased considerably since the beginning of the year, to attract companies that decide to leave the United States due to a counter-movement in American politics.

(Image: CCTV (Chinese Central Television/Reading)

Hong Kong will adopt Binance

hong kong has already declared that it will officially open the doors of the cryptocurrencies from the first of June. I mean, in a few days.

The measure will be implemented through the “Guidelines for operators of virtual asset trading platforms”, which will come into force on the same day.

“A significant majority of respondents agreed with our proposal to allow licensed trading platform operators to serve retail investors,” the Hong Kong regulator – or SFC – said in a statement on Tuesday.

The comments are accompanied by a document that lists the final proposal for how the province should act with respect to the regulation of cryptocurrencies and brokerages in the sector.

Among the measures are proposals aimed at protecting retail investors, informing about the risks of this asset class and protecting the country’s economy. All this, however, without stifling innovation.

“The SFC will implement a series of robust measures to protect these investors, including ensuring the adequacy of the onboarding process, good governance, due diligence improved tokenization, admission criteria, and disclosures,” the document reads.

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