A prisoner hides scissors in his anus to take things to prison

OOfficials at La Porte County Jail in Indiana, United States, discovered that one of the inmates hid a 20 centimeter long pair of scissors inside his anus after he refused to cooperate during a routine security check last Wednesday.

As reported by Sky News, the man was reluctant to undergo a body inspection with a body scanner – body inspection equipment that works by X-rays – but ended up agreeing with the magazine.

It was during this search that Lt. Jeff Holt “observed what appeared to be a foreign object in the inmate’s anal cavity.”

Despite the man’s non-cooperation, a second search detected that the object had moved slightly, leading to the conclusion that it was a pair of scissors.

“Shortly thereafter, the scissors were removed from the inmate without incident,” a La Porte County Jail spokesperson said.

Capt. Derek J Allen of the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office praised Lt. Holt’s work in preventing the use of this item in jail. “Thank you for successfully preventing a dangerous sharp object from completely entering the prison.”

Authorities have not released further details about the man or the reasons for his arrest.

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