Bnews Hear the story of farmer fined nearly R$300,000 for using emoji in contract negotiation

A Canadian magistrate ordered a breeder to pay C$82,000

Published on 07/07/2023 at 7:04 p.m. Reproduction/Freepik Saved by Rafael Abbehusen

A farmer in the city of Swift Current, Canada, was fined nearly 300,000 reais. The reason was said to be that the man used the ‘thumbs up’ emoji in a contract negotiation. Chris Achter negotiated the sale of grain with a buyer.

The farmer and the buyer were negotiating the terms of the sale, when Achter received the purchase proposal, responding with the “thumbs up” emoji. The buyer interpreted the gesture as a sign that the deal was confirmed.

However, the farmer failed to deliver the beans, leading to legal action by the buyer. Achter alleges that he sent the emoji only as a form of confirmation of receipt of the message, without expressing his agreement with the terms of the sale.

On the other hand, the buyer claimed that he was relying on previous agreements with the farmer, which would have been concluded by SMS.

In court, the judge ruled that the ‘thumbs up’ emoji is just as valid as a signature, arguing that courts need to adapt to the ‘new reality’ of how people communicate today.

The magistrate ordered the farmer to pay 82,000 Canadian dollars, or approximately R$298,000, for an unfulfilled contract.

The judge stresses that the courts should not try to stop advances in technology and the common use of emojis. While acknowledging that the use of emoji as a form of communication is not traditional, the judge considered its use valid in this specific circumstance.

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