Bolsonaro meets Tesla’s Musk and shares fall more than 7%

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If there’s one mad genius in this goddamn world that I’m a fan of, it’s Elon Musk, the creator behind Tesla, Spacex, Starlink, Neuralink and everything in between.

South African-Canadian, naturalized American, the 50-year-old multi-billionaire (in dollars, hehe!!) may not be alive to see it, but it’s his work that will take us to Mars.

Musk is like one of the greatest works of fiction in history, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, an adaptation of the 1886 novel Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson.

One day, Elon lifts off and lands a rocket, making launching satellites so cheap that today some kind of orbital congestion is already projected. In another, he decides to buy Twitter, because of a political-childish quarrel between the social network and Donald Trump.

Thus, between strokes of genius and mediocrity, between slaps and kisses with Wall Street, between fluctuations that bring in or take away billions of dollars in a single day, Musk remains one of the most interesting, emblematic and unpredictable personalities in history. of capitalism. world.

Not to deviate from the rule, this freezing Friday (05/20), the super hyper mega ultra entrepreneur decided to live his day as a monster, as a mediocre, as an eccentric billionaire and met no other, none other than Jair Bolsonaro, the executioner of the Planalto, one of the most limited and diseased minds in Brazil, if not the world.

Believe it or not, but the theme was the Amazon, this “forest that does not ignite because it is wet”, according to the follower of chloroquine himself, and the Internet, more precisely Twitter. Queiroz’s friend wants to have a free, light and loose platform for his lies, mystifications and misleading political propaganda, in addition to mass attacks on opponents.

As Musk and Bolsonaro mocked each other, Tesla shares plunged more than 7% on the Nasdaq, hitting the lowest value in more than a year, down 50% (the half!!) from the peak recorded in November 2021. .

Obviously it’s not the fault of Queiroz’s friend, but a series of factors that threw stocks (not just Tesla’s, by the way) into the deep end, but a meeting like this , let’s face it, doesn’t help Musk and his company at all.

The culmination, and there, incredible as it may seem, there are merits to the mismanagement of the murderous psychopathic coup, was the announcement of the Internet connection, by satellite, of almost 20,000 schools in rural areas, and environmental monitoring – although it is useless – of the so-called Legal Amazon. Congratulations, Mr. President!

If it were up to Elon Musk, the world would be spectacular, albeit a real zone. If it were up to Bolsonaro alone, the world would be a real, albeit spectacular, zone. Both suffer from acute egocentrism to the maximum, but only the “rich boy” deserves forgiveness, because his navel often bears bright fruit; the patriarch of the crack clan only produces shit, and extremely often.

In time: Musk could very well recruit Bolsonaro for the (one-way) trip to Mars. I pay well!

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