Brazil beats Canada to win gold in women’s beach volleyball

The highlight was when George made the cutting move, but he changed and threw it back to Andre, who attacked unmarked.

In the second set, the Cuban pair changed strategy and managed to balance the duel. Alayo and Díaz closed at 21 to 19. In the third half, a new confrontation “back and forth”, but Brazil knew how to be decisive at the right moment and closed at 15 to 13.

Doubles celebrate

“A lot of work, a lot of love for beach volleyball. We already have a month away from home, so all our education, all our focus is on beach volleyball. We came with this goal, to try to make our best here, and we did it,” Duda celebrated.

“I think that [a final] It was exactly what we expected. A relatively new team, one we’ve only played against a few times, but against two very respected athletes. They played a game. Really, they asked us to think, but we managed to find a little game at the right time,” added Ana Patrícia.

“We arrived bitten, we lost the key [para os cubanos]. We came for the rematch, but we knew the end was the end. The first set started very well, with a surprising strategy, but we knew it wasn’t going to be like that throughout the game. We were already expecting a difficult match and it was. I play in detail, we deal until the end, we believe until the end and it came [o ouro]”, underlined André.

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