BRL 630,000 embezzlement from Betim health funds under investigation

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Minas Gerais (MPMG) and the Civil Police (PCMG) launched this Monday (24/7) the operation “I Care a Lot”, with the aim of investigating the embezzlement and appropriation of public funds of the Betim Municipal Health Fund, in Greater BiH.

A total of three search and seizure warrants were executed, in addition to other precautionary measures, such as the freezing of assets and the violation of the banking and tax secrecy of the persons under investigation.

According to what has been found so far, the crimes were committed through the use of the bank accounts of Betim SUS mental health users, without their knowledge, with a misappropriation of more than R$630,000 of municipal resources. , an amount that is destined for health.

In addition to embezzlement of public funds, embezzlement, criminal association and concealment/money laundering are investigated.

Inspired by a movie

The name of the operation, “I Care a Lot”, refers to the film of the same title, which tells the story of a court-appointed guardian who makes a living by confiscating the belongings of elderly people for her.

The action was initiated by the 4th Public Prosecutor’s Office of Betim and the Civil Police, through the Police Operations Group of the Center for Operational Support of Justice Prosecutors for the Defense of Public Heritage of the MPMG, and is the result of a criminal investigation carried out in collaboration with the Betim regional police station.

The investigation is continuing in secret. The MPMG informs that further information and details can only be provided when carrying out the investigation of procedural secrecy.

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