G1 – Canadian astronomer discovers secret orbit of US military spacecraft

According to ‘The Globe and Mail’, Kevin Fetter discovered the route by chance.
X-37B is 410 km from Earth and orbits the planet every 90 minutes.

Flagrant – X-37B makes a complete revolution around the Earth every 1.5 hours (Photo: Flying Jenny / Flickr – Creative Commons, a-nc-sa 2.0 credits)

A Canadian amateur astronomer has discovered the orbit of a secret US military project, the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), launched on April 22.

The ship is part of the US military program and test details are (or should be) confidentialThe ship is part of the American military program, and
test details are (or should be)
classified (Photo: US Air Force via
France Presse – 04-04-2010)

According to the local press, Kevin Fetter accidentally discovered the route of the device, while he was analyzing space with his telescope to spot out-of-service satellites.

The Fetter telescope, part of the Heavens-Above group of amateur astronomers, captured for a few seconds the flight of the X-37B, a 5.5-ton spacecraft put into orbit by the American armed forces without its function has not been announced. .

“I saw it by chance because it was pointing to the right area of ​​the sky,” Fetter told Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

Fetter’s discovery reveals that the X-37B orbits 410 kilometers from Earth and completes one orbit around the planet every 90 minutes.

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