The cry of an elderly Canadian couple forced to live apart after 62 years

Credit, Facebook/Ashley Baryk/Reproduction

Photo caption,

Wolfram is on the waiting list to reunite with his wife

“This is the saddest photo I’ve ever taken in my life.”

That’s how Ashley Baryk describes the photo she took of her grandparents to tell the world about the elderly couple’s drama. The image, posted on Facebook, was immediately shared thousands of times and made news around the world.

In the photo, a man in a wheelchair and a woman with an orthopedic walker sit opposite each other and dry their tears with cloth wipes.

Wolfram Gottshalk, 83, and his wife Anita, 81, have been married for more than six decades. Despite this, they have been forced to live separately due to what the family considers to be an inefficiency of the Canadian public health system.

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