Canadian police begin removing protesters from the US-Canada Bridge

Police arrive to clear protesters and their trucks from a blouqieo at the entrance to the Ambassador Bridge (Photo: Cole Burston/Getty Images)

Canadian police began clearing protesters from a major bridge linking the Canada and the United States this Saturday, more than 12 hours after the entry into force of a court order ending a to block that hinder international trade.

THE Ambassador Bridger, the busiest land border crossing in North America, saw its traffic blocked for the fifth day in a row this morning. About 15 trucks, cars and vans blocked traffic in both directions, hampering the supply chain of Detroit automakers.

“We urge all protesters to act lawfully and peacefully,” Windsor Police said in a Twitter post, urging passengers to avoid areas affected by protests.

Police in black uniforms with yellow vests formed a line at the entrance to the bridge and ordered protesters to retreat. The number of protesters swelled from around 200 Friday night to around two dozen early Saturday.

Protesters closest to the bridge were seen returning peacefully.

The “Free Train” protests, launched in the capital Ottawa by Canadian truckers who oppose a vaccination or quarantine order for cross-border drivers, entered their 16th day on Saturday.

The protests have inspired convoys and similar plans in the United States, France, New Zealand and Australia.

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