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Elective care is suspended at Betim Regional Hospital

The town hall of Betimin the metropolitan area of ​​Belo Horizonte, decreed, this Tuesday afternoon (28), in an extraordinary edition of the official body, a public health emergency. The measure mainly takes into account the significant increase in the number of hospitalizations and the general demand of patients in the Regional Public Hospital (HPR).

Decree 43,758 cites as an example the hospital tariffs in 2018 which recorded, throughout the year, 5,249 frequentations, whereas, in 2023 alone, the unit has already exceeded the bar of 6,332 aids, including 1,227 for users of municipalities under agreement.

The document also mentions the number of orthopedic surgeries performed at HPR, which recorded a 75% increase in procedures by 2023, also compared to the index compiled for the whole of 2018.

The decree also points to the problems related to the transfer of patients to the state health network which, on several occasions, fails to absorb these users.

Betim Public Hospital — Photo: Betim Town Hall/Disclosure

In addition to the emergency, the decree establishes the measures that will be adopted by the municipal management to deal with the crisis.

  • Expansion of hospital beds;
  • Temporary suspension of services such as elective care, to prioritize emergency requests or already overburdened hospital services;
  • Transfer of patients whose appointments cannot be provided by the municipality to the State network or to other cities;
  • Expansion of orthopedic surgery schedules.

Elective care is suspended at Betim hospital

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