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The Regional Association of Defensive Agricultural Distributors of West Paranaense (Ardefa) certified 16 technicians in the agronomic sector of Copagril last Friday (1). The team is officially able to carry out the collection of pesticide packaging in the municipalities where the cooperative operates. The training took place at the headquarters of the Association, located on Linha Alvorada, in Palotina.

The objective of the certification is to train Copagril employees in pesticides, in accordance with resolution no. 057/2014, which establishes that “stores or those who sell pesticides must train their dealers in the region, with the aim of instructing on the handling, transport and reception of empty pesticide containers, as well as on the use of rescue bags”.

In addition to this resolution, Ardefa and its 16 associates strictly follow Ordinance No. 116 of March 10, 2023 and Federal Law No. 9.974/00, which aims to promote awareness actions and encourage reflection on the conservation of the environment, through the promotion of environmental education in the community, as well as the transmission of knowledge and actions to all segments of society.

Ardefa is an association made up of 16 companies that collect pesticide packaging at itinerant points in the western region of Paraná, with the aim of disposing of it correctly to preserve the environment and human health.

The collection is carried out in collaboration with the producers themselves of the municipalities of the regions where the Association is present, who bring the packaging used in their crops to the collection points of the member companies. The farmers are assisted by two teams coming from different places on the same day, supported by 2 trucks, allowing the correct disposal of the packages.

Among the advantages brought by the correct disposal of these materials are the direct environmental benefits with the reduction of the production of waste and the non-emission of greenhouse gases, as well as the saving of energy in the manufacture of new products and the contribution to the economy of natural resources. .

Copagril seeks quality and sustainability in its activities on a daily basis, which is why it remains committed to training its employees in the preservation of the environment and human health.

The associated companies that make up Ardefa are Copagril, Copacol, C.Vale, IR.Riedi, Agrícola Horizonte, Integrada, Siloti, Souza Cruz, Aduplan, Agro Bickel, Tertulia, Contiagro, AgroMR, Agrícolas Amdreis, Grupo Fortuna and D&3 Insumos Agricultural. .

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