Duda and Ana Patrícia overcome Canadian duo to win gold in beach volleyball

After a dramatic first set, the Brazilians relied on offensive strength to achieve victory in Chile

Bruno Bravo Duarte


Credit: Reproduction: Alexandre Loureiro/COB

Duda and Ana Patrícia won the gold medal at the 2023 Pan American Games, beating Melissa Humaana-Paredes and Brandie Wilkerson, from Canada, this Friday (27). The Brazilian beach volleyball duo won by 2 sets to 0 in Chile, with scores of 22/20 and 21/18

“This victory crowns a month of work away from home. It’s a dream to compete here and put Brazil on the top step of the podium. It’s a way to honor my family and all those who support me,” Duda emphasized.

Ana Patrícia addressed the difficulty of the confrontation and highlighted the great balance between the two pairs.

“It was a very even match where we managed to win at the right time. Fortunately, we managed to win and got this title, which means a lot to us,” he commented.

First set

The Brazilians did not let themselves be intimidated by the Canadians, taking a 6-3 lead. This result encouraged the North American duo who were aiming for a 7-7 draw.

Despite the good balance, the Brazilians maintained a more constant pace at the start of the stage. Ana Patrícia dropped a ball from deep, taking a 12-9 lead.

The Brazilian celebration was impacted by the growth of Humana-Paredes and Wilkerson, who looked for a 13-12 comeback.

The game continued indefinitely in dramatic tones. Wilkerson won a set point at 20 to 19. Ana Patrícia and Duda’s response tied the game at 20 to 20.

In the end, a failure of the Canadian attack guaranteed the set for the Brazilian duo, who sealed the score at 22-20.

Second set

Both teams maintained the same posture during the second set. Humana-Paredes stood out with her blocks, keeping Canada’s advantage at 8 to 7. Brazil turned the tables with Ana Patrícia, who scored 13 to 12. Brazil’s good moment encouraged Duda, who then scored an ace.

The Canadian pair were looking for a draw, but it was the Brazilians who remained focused on victory. Ana Patrícia blocked Humana Paredes, leading to the victory by 21 to 18.

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