Letterboxd is bought by a Canadian group for more than US$50 million

Popular movie site Letterboxd has been sold to Tiny, a Canadian holding company in a deal valued at nearly $50 million. Letterboxd was born in 2011, created by duo Matthew Buchanan and Karl von Randow as an app focused on sharing opinions about cinema. The site has a small team in Auckland, New Zealand. Additionally, users share their movie tastes.

Considered one of the most comprehensive film sites on the Internet, members can write reviews or share their opinions on films, track what they have seen in the past, save screening dates, make lists of movies and show off their favorite films, as well as meet and interact with other movie buffs. Movies can be rated, reviewed, added to a journal entry for a specific date, added to a list, and tagged with relevant keywords.

“The partnership with Tiny represents a big step forward for us”Buchanan and von Randow said in a statement. “We see this as a huge win for our community, allowing us to cement the future of Letterboxd with additional features without sacrificing the DNA of what makes it special.” Additionally, according to Tiny representatives, the goal is to make the platform the leading social network for movie fans around the world.

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