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“This came directly from me,” Musk wrote of the change – Photo: ALAMY/VIA BBC

Oh X (ex-Twitter) will promote a change in the way news links on the platform. The information was first published by Fortune on Monday (21) and confirmed shortly after by Elon Musk. “This came directly from me. This will greatly improve the aesthetic,” he posted.

Currently, news links appear on the social network’s timeline in the form of “cards”, accompanied by an image, a short title and a brief description of the article. With the new format, only the main image will be displayed and users will have to manually add their own text.

Fortune notes that while clicking on the image still leads to the full article on the publisher’s website, the change could have big implications for those who rely on X to drive traffic to their sites, as well as for advertisers.

A person with knowledge of the matter said the main goal appears to be to reduce the height of posts, to allow more of them to fit on the timeline. Musk also believes the change will help reduce clickbait.

Additionally, it’s likely that the new format is intended to entice people to sign up for the social network’s premium service, which now allows up to 25,000 characters in a single post. The fact is that by eliminating all content except the image, users sharing news will be “forced” to write more robust text.

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