Fans Speculate About Shawn Mendes’ Possible Retirement

Shawn Mendes even canceled part of his world tour due to his mental health (photo: Michael TRAN/AFP)

An anonymous rumor has started Fans In Shawn Mendes fear this Friday (09/29). Indeed, the Deuxmoi page, which publishes anonymous gossip about celebrities, announced that a singer would soon announce his retirement for an indefinite period. The profile also states that the departure is reportedly happening because the artist is not in his best moment and hasn’t released new music in a while.

“One of our favorite A-list singers will announce his retirement for an “indefinite” amount of time soon, it’s not hard to figure out who he is when he hasn’t given any music/content to his fans in a while… He feels he’s out of his league best level at the moment. in relation to creativity… And he wants to dedicate time to rediscover his passion for music and performance,” says the rumor. The page also asks followers whether or not the news seems true.

Even if the rumor does not mention Shawn’s name, the Canadian’s fans tell him the “tricks”. The singer’s latest album is called “Wonder”, released in 2020. Since then, the artist has recorded a few singles. The most recent is “Why the Hell Are We Dying?”, which is said to be a blast following his breakup with singer Camila Cabello.

Another fact which would be linked to Shawn it’s the fact that, at the end of 2022, he canceled a world tour to take care of his mental health. In an interview, Mendes said that he needed a lot of therapy to get through tough times and was in a period of change. Since then, he has remained less active on social media and on red carpets.

The facts were enough for fans to start “mourning” the singer. “If Shawn Mendes retires, I will have a psychological breakdown and that’s not even an exaggeration,” said one young woman. “Shawn Mendes please you don’t have this right, what do you mean you’re going to leave an orphaned family to retire at the age of 25?” asked another.

Shawn Mendesyou don’t see your Fans It’s scary, right? Go play at that time, man, be careful, tomorrow is the last day of Yellow September,” joked a profile on X, formerly Twitter.

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