Grêmio is VERY worried about Jean Pyerre; understand the reason

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Grêmio worries about the future of Jean Pyerre

the future of Jean Pierre, once again, is the order of the day and causes apprehension in Grêmio. Sidelined since the end of 2022, when he surprised by announcing his early retirement, the midfielder even mentioned a return to active service, which has not yet been confirmed. Even from afar, Tricolor Gaucho follows the case with great impatience.

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This Wednesday (6), the journalist Eduardo Gabardo, on the GaúchaZH website, brought important updates on the case. After showing up for Vancouver Whitecaps training from Canada, Jean Pyerre never signed a contract or signed up for Major League Soccer (MLS).

So far, there is no definition regarding hiring. However, the strongest tendency is that the agreement ends up not being carried out. The decision of the Vancouver Whitecaps directly concerns Grêmio, who continues to pay a debt to Jean Pyerre.

Midfielder salary Immortal was BRL 250,000 per month and the contract lasted until December 2023. In the agreement between the two parties, concluded last January, it was defined that the Club would pay the full amount of the deposit, of BRL 3 million , but in 30 installments. .

However, if Jean Pyerre signs with a new team, the board will no longer have to worry about the values ​​established during the contract termination. On the other hand, if there is no agreement with the Canadians, the midfielder still has 22 installments to receive, which total R$22 million.

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