Grizzly bear kills couple in Canadian forest

Fatal attacks extremely rare, experts say

A grizzly bear attacked and killed two people and their dog in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, authorities and a family friend said.

By a declaration, Parks Canada revealed it received the alert from a GPS deviceindicating the existence of a bear attack in the Red Deer River valley.

The rescue operation had to be carried out by land, as the weather conditions did not allow the use of air support.

The team arrived at the scene of the attack early Saturday and found the two people dead.

According to Kim Titchener, founder of Bear Safety and More and a family friend, the victims were a couple and their pet.

The expert pointed out that encounters between humans and bears are increasing as the population moves further and further inland. However, fatal attacks are extremely rare.

Furthermore, It’s normal to see more bears in the fallas they become more active in foraging, to prepare for the hibernation period.

The brown bear that attacked the couple ultimately had to be killed for its aggressive behavior.

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