Herman Li accidentally breaks his guitar during a Dragonforce concert

Dragonforce’s show during the 2022 edition of the French Hellfest festival will be remembered forever because of a picturesque moment to say the least. The presentation of the group, which took place last Friday (24), had as a highlight Herman Li breaking his guitar. But it wasn’t rock star style at the end of the show, like Paul Stanley usually does on Kiss.

The instrument broke in two during the performance of the cover of “My Heart Will Go On”, a song immortalized by Celine Dion on the soundtrack of the film “Titanic” – on the ship which also broke broken in two and the trip ended in tragedy. Herman coped with the situation in good spirits and ran for a spare guitar, returning in time to finish the performance with his colleagues.

The mess can be seen in the video below.

Herman Li accidentally breaks his guitar during a Dragonforce concert

So far, Li has not commented on the incident on social media. However, fans around the world are echoing what happened – in addition to the group’s haters, who are not uncommon and rejoicing.

Currently, Dragonforce is touring the European summer festival circuit. The group is also working on songs for a new album, which does not yet have a release date. “Extreme Power Metal”, the most recent, was released in 2019.

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