Influencer shocks fans by revealing he applied ‘illegal’ silicone to his butt in a restaurant toilet | Celebrities

Influencer and YouTuber Gigi Magnifique — Photo: reproduction/instagram

Influencer and YouTuber Gigi Wonderful revealed she even had silicone applied to her butt on the bathroom floor of a restaurant in New York, shocking her fans.

A trans activist, the Canadian mentioned that she adopted the cheaper and extremely harmful treatment around 2014 or 2015 and that she already felt shame and “embarrassment” about the incident.

Influencer and YouTuber Gigi Magnifique — Photo: reproduction/instagram

The scary moments were briefly mentioned in her book “The T Guide: Our Trans Experiences and a Celebration of Gender Expression — Man, Woman, Nonbinary and Beyond,” but she went into detail in a video posted to YouTube.

Intending to achieve a “guitar-like and voluptuous” body, Gigi underwent a suite of procedures including liposuction, fat transfer – the world-famous Brazilian facelift – and injections. silicone “less expensive” and “a much more dangerous method”. .”

Influencer and YouTuber Gigi Magnifique — Photo: reproduction/instagram

The applications were submitted by a purported “personal trainer” who was “partying hard” and administering “butt injections” in hotels. After flying from Canada to New York, withdrawing between $500 and $600 in cash and checking into a hotel in downtown Manhattan, the influencer welcomed the woman into her room.

According to the influencer, the woman brought a bottle filled with a thick, transparent substance and a bottle of mineral water filled to the top with a yellow watery liquid similar to petroleum jelly. She said the liquid was applied with an incredibly thick needle, injected without any anesthesia while she lay face down on the bed.

Influencer and YouTuber Gigi Magnifique — Photo: reproduction/instagram

The points where the applications were made were sutured using instant superglue and bandages. Despite the “compromise,” Gigi said she was excited enough to go to a cafe moments after the procedure.

At the facility, he went to the bathroom and started thinking about the crazy thing he had just done. She then began to remove the bandages and “scrape off” the glue applied to his body. “I started squeezing the silicone. It was falling on the seat, on the toilet, on the floor,” she recalls. She said that after this disgusting experience, she left the toilet full of silicone on the floor and returned to her office even though nothing had happened.

Influencer and YouTuber Gigi Magnifique — Photo: reproduction/Instagram

However, although the substance was present in her body for a short time, Gigi had some problems later. She noticed scabs all over her butt and said they fell off the next morning in the shower. Additionally, she noticed – some time later – a “huge” bump on her thigh, which she believed had mysteriously disappeared, the same way it had appeared.

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