Ivete Sangalo will host a program on Sunday afternoons at Globo – Jornal do Oeste

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The first version of the article contained inaccuracies in the first paragraph. Here is the corrected text:

It took time, but the ingenuity of singer Ivete Sangalo on television was recognized and the Bahian woman conquered her space. From July, she will be in charge of a program of her own, designed so that she showcases all her versatility and charisma.

“My history in music brought me to television in my arms. Over time, and the intimacy that we were conquering, television also became my home, an artistic address. I have experienced very important things emotionally. Today, with this concrete idea of ​​having something of my own and that I can put into practice more portions of joy, I simply vibrate with happiness. It will be great to enter from a way more in the lives of many people. People are something that means a lot to me! I really love! There are a few good years of career, going through paths full of love and fulfillment. Walking continues, and as it should be, very light and joyful!”, declares the host in a press release.

Still unnamed, but with genre direction by Boninho, artistic direction by Creso Eduardo Macedo, the program commissioned by Ivete Sangalo will feature games, lots of humor, music and special guests, in a new challenge for the singer.

“Ivete is a queen on stage and in the electric trio. And all these experiences formed the basis of this multifaceted artist. Ivete are many in one, with a lot of energy and a special touch that makes the difference, good humor. It makes everything happier, lighter and more joyful. It is the happiness that we need and that we are going to bring to our Sundays. Let’s play together with our Veveta! “Said gender director Boninho, still in the press release sent by the station.

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