Just escaped, the tricolors are angry: Jean Pyerre makes Guerra “crying” and thwarts Grêmio’s plans


The midfielder even away from the Tricolor Gaúcho ended up causing a headache in the Gremista board

© Photo: Reproduction / Canal Duda GarbiPhoto: Reproduction / Canal Duda Garbi

Jean Pyerre was one of the names that appeared in the Guild with a lot of expectation. Names like him, Pepê and Ferreirinha have created a lot of expectations among Gremista fans. However, health issues hampered the midfielder, who is yet to return to professional play.

Recently, reports surfaced that he was in negotiations to play for Vancouver Whitecapes, Canada. The Canadian team competes in MLS, a league that grew and gained popularity with the arrival of Argentine star Lionel Messi. But an update, in addition to bringing bad news about the future of the player, also caused a headache for the Immortal.

According to information confirmed by journalist João Batista Filho on his blog, Jean Pyerre will not be a player for the Canadian team. With that, he continues without a Club. The big problem is that without an agreement with a new team, Tricolor Gaúcho will have to continue paying the athlete monthly. If Jean signs with a new team, the Guild no need to pay that amount of R$100,000 per month. The amount still to be paid is approximately R$2 million.

“Jean Pyerre has almost succeeded in reducing Grêmio’s payroll. He was able to travel, train and do some sort of testing at the Whitecaps in Vancouver, Canada, but the information I got is that business is down, that’s not going to happen.” Jean-Baptiste informed.

With the Immortal jersey, during his stint, Jean entered the field 141 times and scored 22 goals with the Tricolor Gaúcho jersey. In addition, he won four Grêmio titles, namely: three Campeonato Gaúchos (2019, 2020 and 2021) and the Recopa Gaúcha 2021.

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