Man missing at sea for 2 weeks found alive in lifeboat

One of two men reported missing at sea nearly two weeks ago was found alive in a lifeboat Thursday by a Canadian fishing boat, about 70 miles (113 km) northwest of Washington state, according to the port. -US Coast Guard spokesperson, Petty Officer Steve Strohmaier.

“The fact that he stayed in that lifeboat for several days, that he still had hope, and that he was finally found by a more or less random fishing boat was incredible and simply miraculous,” Strohmaier told CNN by phone. “The ocean is a very big place. He was floating in the middle of nowhere. It is often very rare to see a ship passing by.

Last Sunday (22), the US Coast Guard was alerted to the disappearance of a fishing boat after leaving the coast of Washington on October 12 and which was due to return on October 15.

“They started from Westport, Washington,” Strohmaier said. “They were supposed to return on the 15th and a week later the coast guard was informed.”

The man was found by a Canadian fishing boat “in Canadian waters and from there the vessel radioed the Canadian Coast Guard.” So they left…and brought him ashore where he could go to the hospital. When he went to the hospital, his condition was stable.

At this time, the other man remains missing and the incident remains under investigation, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

When asked if the U.S. Coast Guard would resume the search for the missing sailor, Strohmaier said, “We are waiting for more information to gather eyewitness accounts and statements from him.” [a homem encontrado] determine what future actions the Canadian Coast Guard may take or undertake.

On Tuesday, the US Coast Guard posted about the search for the missing ship on the social network Harbor on October 12 and reportedly intended to return on October 15.

On Wednesday, the service announced that it had suspended the search “pending the development of new information” after “teams searched more than 36,000 square kilometers for more than 8 hours.”

Credits: CNN.

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