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Maple Bear has a unit in Bessa and, in 2024, is opening a new school in the Altiplano — Photo: Disclosure

Maple Bear, a network of Canadian schools that is a benchmark in bilingual education, brings two major new features to João Pessoa in 2024. The opening of a new unit, in the Altiplano district and the launch of classes secondary schools to João Pessoa from 2024. .

For 12 years in João Pessoa, Maple Bear has been guiding children on the path to educational excellence, through bilingual immersion education. Today, the school is broadening the horizons of its students by offering an innovative “High School” program in the state. The objective is to guarantee the continuity of quality education for those seeking high performance in entrance exams combined with the exclusive double certification (Brazilian and Canadian).

The Maple Bear methodology now opens the doors of Canadian universities to Brazilian students. In fact, secondary school graduates will be entitled to a sort of “educational passport”. They will be able to enroll in establishments in the province of New Brunswick going through the same selection process and with the same conditions, including the same financial bonuses, offered to Canadian students, since Maple Bear João Pessoa is what we call it “offshore”. Canadian school. “, that is to say an official school located outside Canadian territory.

For those wishing to continue their studies in Brazil, Maple Bear High School is fully aligned with the Common National Curriculum Base (BNCC) and covers all the content necessary to succeed in the ENEM and other entrance exams, as it has a high level of education. performance platform, which allows individual monitoring of each student, to guarantee the best performance, depending on the future careers they choose.

Maple Bear students can pursue higher education in Canada — Photo: Disclosure

“Maple Bear’s “blended” curriculum has been compiled with the best Brazilian and Canadian curricula. Our proposition is unique. This allows for dual certification without overburdening students. High School concludes the educational journey of our students by opening doors in Brazil and abroad,” says Lúcia Wolmer, partner and educational director of the school.

Consistently present in the top places in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Canada stands out in very important aspects in the training of future leaders.

“We are talking about a partnership that prepares our students for the world, based on the development of skills and attitudes essential for a globalized citizen of the 21st century,” adds Lúcia.

Technology will be a great ally in the learning process, with the use of the Maple Bear High School platform, which will use artificial intelligence to personalize students’ study routine.

An official Canadian school, Maple Bear is a benchmark in bilingual education — Photo: Disclosure

In addition to launching the high school, Maple Bear will also open a new unit in 2024, in the Altiplano Cabo Branco neighborhood. Located in the Tour Geneve complex, Rua Maria das Dores Souza, nº 197, the school will be the first in the neighborhood to offer total bilingual immersion to students, with classes taught in English from day one.

Maple Bear – Altiplano will initially operate only for early childhood education (for children aged 1.5 to 5 years).

The high school classes will work at the Maple Bear unit at Jardim Oceania, Rua Fernando Luiz Henriques dos Santos, nº 1987, which also welcomes children from 1 and a half years old.

Interested parties can obtain more information about the school by calling (83) 3224-8910 or schedule a tour through site.

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