Men pull unconscious driver from burning car

The police of the Canadian province of Ontario have posted on their social networks the video of a very dangerous accident that occurred on July 4. A 36-year-old man was traveling when he suffered an unknown medical condition and crashed his Acura into a road.

The model stopped on the highway but was engulfed in flames. With no sign of reaction from the driver, five men – after stopping their cars – struggled to get him out of the vehicle as the fire continued to blaze.

The five managed to open the rear door, but had more difficulty getting into the driver’s seat. In the video, you can see them trying to smash the driver’s window even as the fire started to spread through the vehicle.

In the end, they manage to break the window, allowing them to open the driver’s door and get the man out of the car. Shortly after, the car is filmed completely consumed by flames.

According to CBC News, a truck driver threw a hammer at the men, which allegedly helped break the window. One of the lifeguards said things were happening “too fast for them to worry about their own safety”. The driver still woke up after the incident and thanked the men, who suffered minor injuries in the rescue.

The police also praised the work of the men. “A 36-year-old Toronto man who had a medical episode is alive thanks to the heroic efforts of five men who risked their lives when the vehicle began to burn with the driver still inside. They opened the door from the driver to save him,” the police tweet said.

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