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Ice hockey is a fast, efficient and exciting team sport. It attracts crowds at the Olympic Games, thanks to the spectacle and the tension of the matches.

A Canadian past

Ice hockey originated in Canada in the early 19th century, based on several similar sports played in Europe, although the word “hockey” comes from the Old French word “hocquet”, meaning “stick” or “stick” . Around 1860, a disc was replaced by a ball and, in 1879, two students from McGill University, Robertson and Smith, invented the first rules.

Stanley Cup

The first recognized team, the McGill University Hockey Club, was established in 1880 when hockey became Canada’s national sport and spread across the country. In 1892, the Governor General of Canada offered the Stanley Cup (“Stanley Cup”), which was won for the first time by a team representing the Montreal Amateur Sports Association.

International growth

Olympic history

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