Rebecca Quinn, Canadian medalist at Rio 2016, says she is transgender

Rebecca Quinn, bronze medalist for Canada at Rio 2016, announced today that she is a transgender man. In an Instagram post, Quinn, who plays as a midfielder, said he had always wondered “when he would come out publicly.”

Quinny also said she made the post with the intention of helping “the queer community” feel safe on social media. The term “queer” refers to people who do not conform to a cisheteronormative standard.

“I never hid from the people I love that I was transgender, but I always wondered when I would come out publicly,” he wrote.

“I wanted to encapsulate my feelings about my trans identity in one post, but that’s not exactly what we’re here for,” he added.

Quinn ended her post by challenging cis people, who identify with their birth gender, to follow trans people on social media, practice using gender-neutral pronouns, and think about dividing spaces public.

Quinny currently plays for North American club OL Reign, which plays in the NWSL. Last year, she competed in the Women’s World Cup with the Canadian team and also won third place with the team at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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