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Porto Seguro, the joy of southern Bahia, hosted the most recent VP Experience, carried out by the operator Viagens Promo, with the support of the City Hall, through the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism, at the Tauá Resort & Convention Caeté, in the capital city. from Minas Gerais and with the presence of 350 travel agents from Belo Horizonte and the metropolitan area.

The event served as a platform for the wide publicity of Porto Seguro, presenting the destination to an audience eager for new things to include as new experiences in their portfolios to suggest in their customer portfolios, with a view to commercial promotion at the course of this 2nd summer semester. and end-of-year celebrations, such as New Year’s Eve and Carnival.

The “Everyone has a refuge in their imagination” campaign offered destination education. The Deputy Secretary of Tourism, Guto Jones, representing the administration of the Mayor, Jânio Natal and the deputy, sec. of Tourism, Paulinho Toa Toa, showed the innovations of the sector and the pioneering management model that Porto Seguro adopts, giving priority to the creation of unique experiences for tourists, without neglecting its consolidated niches, but preserving them and by increasing the offer of attractions.

“Porto Seguro, today, is much more than the sun and the sea. The destination is consolidated as a true tourist paradise, offering a range of experiences for all tastes”, underlines Guto Jones, explaining the tourist segments who enrich the reputation of Porto Seguro, talking about gastronomy; nightlife with parties and events; and, for nature lovers, ecotourism tours, such as the opportunity to discover marine life at Parque Recife de Fora and the trails of Parque Ambiental Pau Brasil and Monte Pascoal that lead to exciting encounters with wildlife. Additionally, he cited the cultural experiences of the Pataxó people in their indigenous villages; stressed that Porto Seguro is also a destination of faith, with religious events of different faiths. He concluded by highlighting the historic center where people have the opportunity to travel back in time and learn about the history of the discovery of Brazil and the colonial period.

“Porto Seguro has always been and always will be one of our main destinations. It was our flagship product for charters. Therefore, we continue to invest more and more, adding more flights,” says the director of Viagens Promo, Renato Kido, mentioning that they will be closer and closer to the agents who promote events like this. The VP Experience in Belo Horizonte will also provide training on Porto Seguro in the Central West region, bringing the diversity of the destination to an increasingly wider audience and which will provide feedback for the operator and the destination later this year . In addition to two flights from the operator, departing from Minas Gerais to Porto Seguro, the municipality is expected to receive another flight this season.

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