Ryan Reynolds and an actor friend buy part of the Formula 1 team after joining their football team in England | sports

After his success on the football pitches in the United Kingdom, actor Ryan Reynolds takes over the Formula 1 tracks. for the purchase of 24% of the shares of Alpine, a Formula 1 team.

The acquisition of 24% of Alpine shares was made through Maximum Effort Investments, an investment group that has Reynolds and McElhenney as majority partners. Actor Michael B. Jordan also owns part of the group. The deal involving the Formula 1 team and Hollywood entertainers was reported by the Daily Mail.

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds during celebrations in the streets of Wrexham in April 2023 — Photo: Instagram

Alpine appeared in 1981 under the name Toleman. Then it became Benetton, Renault and Lotus. Its current drivers are Frenchmen Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon.

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bought 24% of Alpine shares – Photo: Instagram

Reynolds and McElhenney recently had a fairy tale with Wrexham, one of Wales’ most traditional football teams. The two bought the team in November 2020. In the just-concluded British football season, the men’s team advanced to the Fourth Division for 2023/2024.

A Wrexham AFC player in action during an English Premiership Fifth Division game — Photo: Instagram

Wrexham’s women’s team have risen to the top flight of the Welsh Football League.

At the moment, Reynolds is also working on the production of “Deadpool 3”. Directed by filmmaker Shawn Levy, the feature will mark the return of actor Hugh Jackman as the Canadian mutant Wolverine. The film is scheduled for May 2024.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool — Photo: Publicity

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