The first connection to the sewer is exempt from charges in cities with up to 90% of the collection network

Beneficio is the first call in cities with up to 90% sanitary wastewater


The benefit is at the service of residents who will connect their property to the Sanepar sewer system

Residents of towns with a sanitation service coverage rate of less than 90% are exempt from the first connection to the collection network. The exemption from this fee was approved by the Regulatory Agency for Delegated Public Services of Paraná (Agepar), in February, and encourages the connection of the property to the collection network already in service by Sanepar.

In many cities where the company is working to extend the sewer system, residents benefit from connecting their property to the sewer system for the first time. But you have to be careful that the call is authorized by the Company.

To find out if the exemption applies to the city where he lives, the customer can contact Sanepar by telephone on 0800 200 0115 or go to a Contact Centre. Addresses and opening hours are available on the website.

In Paraná, there are 21 cities served by Sanepar with a service rate with a collection network greater than 90% and which are excluded from this exemption: Cambará, Cambé, Campo Mourão, Carlópolis, Cascavel, Cidade Gaúcha, Conselheiro Mairinck, Cornélio Procópio, Curitiba, Jacarezinho, Londrina, Maringá, Matinhos, Nova Londrina, Palmeira, Pinhais, Ponta Grossa, Porecatu, Rio Azul, Santo Antônio da Platina, Umuarama and São João do Caiuá.

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