The “We Nature” project is one of the winners of the 23rd Fritz Müller Prize

The project We Naturemade possible by Brazilian-Canadian company Base casewon the category “Socio-environmental projects” at the 23rd Fritz Müller Prize.

The competition is developed by the Instituto do Meio Ambiente de Santa Catarina (IMA) and rewards companies and organizations that develop actions in favor of the environment in the State.

Fruit of a partnership with NGO Eco Local Brazilin 2021 the project We Nature was responsible for collecting 43 tons of waste from the beaches of the south coast of Brazil.

In addition to the collective efforts, which engage volunteers and institutions linked to the environmental cause, the initiative also classifies all the material found, giving it the most appropriate destination.

The “We Nature” project is one of the winners of the 23rd Fritz Müller Prize. Disclosure

The project is sponsored by Base casewhich has been producing recycled items for the mining sector for more than 10 years and launched a line of clothing and accessories focused on sustainability almost three years ago.

Eduardo do Rosário, the company’s marketing director, explains that the brand has also developed eco-friendly products made from the waste collected through collective efforts.

“Most of what is in stocks is sent for recycling. The most interesting thing is that we were able to develop a utility for objects that would be thrown into landfills, as they are considered non-recyclable. They become raw material for tables, benches, and ecological flowerpots,” he adds.

Filipe Pedroso de Oliveira, coordinator of the Eco Local Brazilindicates that the elements collected during collective efforts are audited.

“Before all the actions, we explain to the participants how the activity will take place, we reinforce the impact of this waste, we distribute gloves and garbage bags and instructions for the collection. At the end of each action, we We weigh and classify the residues found,” he explains.

the CEO of Base caseDaniel Bortowski, emphasizes that the success of the We Nature is due to the union of purposes. “From the meeting with Eco Local Brasil, this project was born. An initiative that is in line with our brand philosophy, which is to help rethink our choices and build a more sustainable planet,” he said.

The gratitude

In this year’s edition, the Fritz Müller Prize also rewarded the environmental initiatives of epagri, portobello, Aurora Cooperative, whirlwind, BMW from Brazil, GDC Alimentos SA (Gomes de Costa), Schulz compressors, RPPN Santa Catarina and farm school.

The award is divided into 12 categories and, according to the organization, received applications from 88 projects and actions.

the director of Base caseFlávio Ramos, recognizes that the award brings visibility to companies that have already made a commitment to sustainable development in Santa Catarina.

“The Fritz Muller Award shows consumers that there are brands that are truly committed to reducing harm to the environment. We are proud to be part of this group and thus to be able to inspire other companies to set up their own actions,” he said.

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