Canada begins record recruitment of Brazilians to fill hundreds of vacancies

If you dream of working and living in Canada, this is the great opportunity with a selection process for Brazilians until April 4
Never has the curriculum of Brazilians been so coveted by Quebec companies as it is today. There are many international job opportunities for a solid career in Canada, where professionals from different fields, positions and levels will be recruited in the coming months, through the economic development agency Quebec International, in the province which opened a record number of jobs for professionals seeking new horizons in their careers.

Quebec seeks to position itself as a new El Dorado for Brazilians. The Canadian province offers an environment renowned for its safety, tolerance for cultural diversity and excellent socio-economic indicators, such as the lowest unemployment rate in Canada – 4.9%.

The agency’s strategy is part of an initiative endorsed by the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration (MIFI) and is part of a directive from the Canadian government. The country wants to solve the problem of the demographic deficit and intends to admit more than 1.2 million permanent residents by 2023. “And Brazilians are very well seen by Quebec companies because of their competence and their ease of adaptation. culture,” comments Elisa Rinco, International Director. mobility at Québec International.

Depending on the number and opportunities available, Quebec can already prepare for strong demand. In the last six years before the pandemic, the volume of final exit declarations recorded by the federal tax authorities increased by 125%. The Hayman-Woodward firm records an average of 2,300 cases of expatriation per year.

Find out how to apply for jobs to work in Canada
In the Journées Québec Brasil virtual recruitment initiative, more than 340 positions are available in the fields of nursing, IT, games and manufacturing.

Since 2013, more than 500 Brazilians have been hired by Quebec companies. Now, the goal is to attract professionals to over 100 vacancies in nursing, 150 in computing and gaming, and 90 in manufacturing.

A total of 25 local companies are participating in this recruitment. Those interested in living and working in Canada must meet three basic requirements to participate in the assignment – having a technical or university degree in the field of the vacancy, in addition to professional experience in the sector and a level of French proportional to the requirements of the vacant position.

Would you like to build your professional future in Quebec, Canada? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to live and work in a calm and safe environment with an excellent quality of life! Several Quebec companies hire Brazilian workers in the following sectors:

Information technology and games

Applying for jobs in Canada: Interested candidates can apply until April 4.

View available jobs and participating companies.
Create your profile on ‘Mon Compte Québec en tête’ and apply for jobs that match your profile.
Between the 25th and 29th of the same month, shortlisted candidates will undergo virtual interviews conducted by recruiters from participating companies.

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