Three survivors of a shipwreck of Spanish fishermen arrive in Canada

The three survivors of the sinking of a Spanish fishing boat in Canada arrived this Saturday(19) in the Canadian port of San Juan de Terranova with the bodies of seven colleagues, announced the Spanish authorities.

“The ship ‘Playa Menduia Dos’, with 3 survivors and 7 bodies from the wreck of the ‘Villa de Pitanxo’, arrived this morning (…) at the Canadian port of Saint John”, in Newfoundland (west ), the Spanish sea rescue agency, Salvamento Martimo, announced on Twitter.

On Friday, another ship that had participated in the rescue arrived at the same port with two other bodies of the Galician fishing vessel “Villa de Pitanxo”.

The 50-meter-long ship sank 450 kilometers off the Canadian island of Newfoundland on Tuesday, with 24 crew members, of whom 3 survived, 9 died and 12 are missing.

During the day, the nine dead were formally identified, informed the delegation of the Spanish government (prefecture) in Galicia.

“The lifeless bodies rescued belong to five Spanish sailors, three Peruvians and a Ghanaian,” the delegation said in a statement released on Saturday evening.

The three survivors are two Spaniards and a Ghanaian, from a crew they were traveling with, including 16 Spaniards, 5 Peruvians and 3 Ghanaians. According to family members, the two Spaniards are the captain of the ship and his nephew, and a Ghanaian sailor.

The Spanish government also announced that a military plane would fly to Newfoundland on Sunday to fly survivors and rescued bodies back to Spain.

Hopes of finding any of the 12 missing alive are dashed, given the low water temperatures and rough seas in recent days. However, at the request of family members, the Spanish government asked the Canadian to try to resume the search.

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