Toguro admits he forced himself out of the hospital and talks about his current state of health | News

Tiago Toguro, 34, informed his Instagram followers of his condition. The influencer said that despite being at home, he’s not 100%.

“I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to the fifth day in bed, taking a lot of medicine, bro! I’m on about three types of antibiotics. I can’t take it anymore! I’ll have to go to training today. today do some exercise or I freak out,” he said.

Toguro — Photo: Reading from Instagram

The strong man, who was discharged from São Camilo Hospital, in São Paulo, on Thursday (6), after being admitted there on Tuesday evening (4), with severe pain, said that he “has forced to leave the hospital. He had previously tried to escape from the hospital during his brief stay and had to be sedated.

“I ‘forced’ my discharge. I said to the doctor: ‘I want to treat him at home, otherwise I will panic. There is no point in being hospitalized and panicking. I am 80% cured , I still have 20% pain, but I can’t stand to stay in bed any longer. I’m not that guy, I can’t sit still,” he said, who received a diagnosis of bacteria.

Toguro talks about the state of health

Toguro — Photo: Playback/Instagram

Tiago Toguro — Photo: Instagram

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