Wheelchair rugby team trains at Paralympic CT ahead of tournament in Germany

Twenty athletes from the Brazilian wheelchair rugby team are at the São Paulo Paralympic Training Center, where they are preparing for the next two international commitments in 2023. Activities began on Monday 11 and will continue until Saturday 16. .

Later this month, the team begins contention for the German Nations Cup, September 24-October 4, in Großwallstadt. Then, in November, the main conflict of the year in the modality takes place, the Parapan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

The continental competition will offer a direct place for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games and also two places for the qualifying tournament for the Games.

Even Parapan, the Canadian coach Benoit Labrecque Will observe team athletes to reach the final team roster, with a maximum of 12 players. The observation will have one last stage at the CT, in October.

“The week will be ideal for the technical staff to make a physical, technical and tactical comparison, compared to the previous training week {in July}. And the competition in Germany will be a good opportunity to play at a high level. I believe this will serve as a thermometer for Benoit to know how the team is doing and decide who will be selected for the Parapan American Games,” said Rafael Hollfeman, a national team athlete.

Ana Ramkrapes, technical assistant of the Brazilian national team, said that this period will be fundamental for carrying out analyses. “We are preparing everything for this final stretch for Parapan. Automation of physical and technical assessments, with real-time reporting, along with Benoit’s tactical analysis and observation will lead us to a definitive list of athletes.

This is the Brazilian team’s fourth week of training at the Paralympic Training Center this year. Twice, the team took advantage of the time when they were together to interact with athletes from foreign teams. In May, CT welcomed players from Uruguay and, in July, the invited athletes came from The Netherlands.

In March, the Brazilian team won the first South American modalitywhich was held at the Paralympic Training Centre.

Consult the list of participants for the training week

• Gabriel de Souza Simplício 0.5 AECS – GIGANTES
• Gilson Dias Wirzma Junior 0.5 ASAC – SANTER
• Lucas França Couto Junqueira 0.5 RONINS
• Raphael Demostenes Cardozo 1.0 HEALTH AND SPORTS – GLADIATORS
• Julierme Augusto de Souza 1.0 MQR – MINAS
• Davidson Daniel Oliveira Alves 1.5 BSB QUAD
• Victor Vinicius Ventura 1.5 – Irefes
• Marcílio Nunes Santos 2.0 ADEACAMP
• Rafael Hoffmann 2.0 AECS – GIANTS
• Davi Rodrigues Coimbra de Abreu 2.0 MQR – MINAS
• Giuliano Agostinho de Castro 2.0 ASAC – SANTER
• Thiago de Souza Falconi 2.0 MQR – MINAS
•Alexander Keiji Taniguchi 2.5 RONINS
•Daniel da Silva Gonçalves 2.5 ASAC – SANTER
• Bruno Damaceno Ferreira 2.5 ADEACAMP
• Rodolfo Fernando Polidoro 2.5 AECS – GIGANTES
• Victor Luiz 2.5 MSB
• Alexandre Vitor Giuriato 3.0 AECS – GIGANTES
• Gabriel Feitosa de Lima 3.5 ASAC – SANTER
• Thalys Jucá Silva 3.5 AECS – GIANTS

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