With Isaquias in the water, Brazil want to extend their gains in the Speed ​​Canoe World Cup

In Canada, Isaquias Queiroz will fight for gold in the 500m and 1000m in canoeing (Photo: Miriam Jeske/COB)

between the days August 3 and 7, Halifaxto Canadaá, receives the 46th edition of the Sprint Canoe Kayak World Cupand. Event that has gained prominence in the Brazilian sports calendar after many great achievements in the modality in recent years, led by Isaquias Queiroz, who collects brands and titles in major competitions.

Expectations are high again after an empty post-Olympic World Cup in Copenhagen in September 2021. In Halifax, 28 categories will be contested between men and women, with a focus on the 10 that will be part of the Olympic program of Paris 2024. Canoeing is practiced in two types of boats, canoe and kayak, which compete over distances ranging from 200m to 5000m, with one to four athletes.

Canoe competitions, where the athlete has one knee resting on the boat and with only one paddle of a paddle, are identified by the letter C, followed by the number of participants and the distance to be covered. For example, Isaquias won gold in the C-1 1000m test at Tokyo 2020, i.e. canoe (C), with only one athlete (1), distance (1000m).

The same is true for kayaking, but the athletes compete seated with a two-bladed paddle. The events are identified by the letter K, the number of participants on the ship and the distance to be covered.

Brazilian participation

In Halifax, the Brazilian delegation trained by Lauro Pinda will again be led by Isaquias Queiroz, who this time will compete for medals only in the individual events (C-1 500m and C1-1000m). Another highlight is the return of Erlon de Souza to the world championship after an operation that took him out of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This time, as a strategy for the Brazilian team, he will be alongside Filipe Vieira in the dispute of C -2 500m and C- 2 1000m.

Filipe Vieira is still registered for the C-1 5000m event. Brazil will not have representatives at this World Cup in women’s competitions, nor in kayaking.

Brazil has become a power in the last decade

The Brazilian team rose to prominence in sprint canoeing after expressive results obtained in the last World Championships and Olympic Games. With the arrival of the Spanish coach Jesus Morlán and a cultural change in the formation of the modality, our country entered the world stage and won medals in the main international competitions since 2013. With the exception of the championship of world which was held last year in Copenhagen, where there was an Olympic “hangover”.

Brazil already has 6 gold medals at the world championships, all passed around the neck of Isaquias Queiroz, in individual competitions or in the victorious partnership with Erlon de Souza. In addition to 7 bronzes, totaling 13 medals and occupying the 29th place in the general classification. Isaquias is the most decorated athlete among Brazilians, with 12 medals. Are they:

Duisburg, Germany 2013

🥇 Isaquias Queiroz (C-1 500m)

🥉Isaquias Queiroz (C-1 1000m)

Moscow, Russia 2014

🥇Isaquias Queiroz (C-1 500m)

🥉Isaquias Queiroz and Erlon Souza (C-2 200m)

🥉Valdenice do Nascimento (C-2 200m)

Milan, Italy 2015

🥇Isaquias Queiroz and Erlon de Souza (C2-1000m)

🥉Isaquias Queiroz (C-1 200m)

Race, Czech Republic 2017

🥉Isaquias Queiroz (C-1 1000m)

Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal 2018 (best campaign in Brazil, 6th overall)

🥇Isaquias Queiroz (C-1 500m)

🥇Isaquias Queiroz and Erlon de Souza (C-2 500m)

🥉Isaquias Queiroz (C-1 1000m)

Szeged, Hungary 2019

🥇Isaquias Queiroz (C-1 1000m)

🥉Isaquias Queiroz and Erlon Souza (C-2 1000m)

Parallel Paracanoe World Cup

We have in Canada, one of the few modalities that favors the integration of competitions with the Paralympic modalities, since the world canoe-kayak and the paracanoe sprint are held together. In Halifax, there will be 12 categories in paracanoe, divided into two classes: KL (kayak) and VL (va’a). The functional classification is given by numbers from 1 to 3. The events numbered 1 are for athletes who use only their arms in rowing, 2 for athletes who use the trunk and arms and 3 for athletes who use the arms, rowing trunk and legs.

Brazil is the second strongest power in the Paracanoe World Championships with 41 medals (17 gold, 12 silver and 12 bronze), in 12 contested editions, and occupies 2nd place overall in the medal table at the Worlds, behind only Great Britain, with 71 medals. (35 gold, 23 silver and 13 bronze).

In this edition, seven athletes will represent Brazil in the Paracanoe World Cup, where we highlight Fernando Rufino, Giovane Vieira and Luís Carlos Cardoso, medalists at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. In addition to them, Adriana Azevedo, Débora Benevides, Mari Santilli and Igor Tofalini.

stars in the world

Without the presence of Sebastian Brendel, the Czech Martin Fuksa, 5th in Tokyo 2020 in the C-1 1000m will be Isaquias’ main opponent in Canada. As well as Catalin Chirila from Romania and Adolf Balasz from Hungary. The bronze medalist at the last Olympics, Serghei Tarnovschi, should also spoil the competition in the competition.

In the women’s category, the biggest star of the competition comes from kayaking. A five-time Olympic gold medalist, Lisa Carrington of New Zealand, who at Tokyo 2020 alone won no less than three gold medals (K-1 200m, K-1 500m and K2-500m).

Brazilian schedule and broadcast

This Wednesday (03) the Brazilians who will participate in the Canoe-Kayak and Paracanoe-Kayak World Cup are already entering Canadian waters for the first qualifying disputes. Only the final phase, with the main medal disputes, Saturday (06) and Sunday (07), will be broadcast on the Sportv channels. But, you can follow all the results on the Outbreak website and social networks. See the Brazilian canoe schedule at the World Cup, just now from Brasília:

C-1,500m (Isaques Queiroz)

03/08, Wednesday, 15:54 – Qualifying

05/08, Friday, 12:33 – Semi-finals

06/08, Saturday, 12:35 p.m. – Final 🏅

C-1 1000m (Isaques Queiroz)

04/08, Thursday, 11:10 a.m. – Qualifying

05/08, Friday, 15:10 – Semi-finals

07/08, Sunday 11:24 – Final 🏅

C-2 500m (Erlon de Souza and Filipe Vieira)

03/08, Wednesday, 12:12 – Qualifying

05/08, Friday, 10:39 – Semi-finals

06/08, Saturday, 11:43 – Final 🏅

C-2 1000m (Erlon de Souza and Filipe Vieira)

04/08, Thursday, 11:59 a.m. – Qualifying

05/08, Friday, 15:38 – Semi-finals

07/08, Sunday, 12:12 – Final 🏅

C-1 5000m (Filipe Vieira)

07/08, Sunday, 15:10 – Final 🏅

Check out the Halifax 2022 Canoe Kayak and Paracanoe World Cup Day 1 schedule in full:

03/08 – Wednesday

Canoe Kayak

10 a.m. – C-1 200m Men – Qualifications

11:30 a.m. – Women’s K-4 500m* – Qualifications

11:42 – Men’s K-4 500m* – Qualifying

12pm – C-2 500m* Men – Qualifications (Erlon de Souza and Filipe Vieira)

12:30 p.m. – Men’s K-1 500m – Qualifying

14:30 – Women’s K-2 200m – Qualifying

14:40 – Women’s 200m C-2 – Qualifying

15:30 – Women’s K-1 500m* – Qualifying

15:54 – C-1 500m Men – Qualifications (Isaquias Queiroz)

16:15 – K-1 1000m men* – Qualifications


10:15 a.m. – KL-1 200m* Men – Qualifications (Luiz Carlos Cardoso)

10:25 – VL-2 200m* Women – Qualifications (Débora Benevides)

10:35 a.m. – 200m men KL-2* – Qualifications

10:45 – 200m Women VL-3 – Qualifications (Mari Santilli)

10:55 a.m. – 200m KL-3 men* – Qualifications

11:15 am – VL-1 200m Men – Qualifications

13:10 – 200m Men VL-1 – Semi-final

2:50 p.m. – 200m men KL-1* – Semi-final

14:55 – 200m women VL-2* – Semi-final

3:00 p.m. – KL-2 200m Men* – Semi-final

15:05 – Women’s 200m VL-3 – Semi-final

15:10 – Men’s 200m KL-3* – Semi-final

4:50 p.m. – 200m Women VL-1 – Final🏅

4:58 p.m. – 200m Men VL-1 – Final🏅

* Proof of Olympic or Paralympic program

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